May 15, 2013

mustache on a stick: the perfect sick day craft!

You guys. We have been passing around Strep in our house. No amount of cleaning can avoid the spread sometimes when you have a big crew! The kids were feeling better the next day but the general rule when dealing with Strep throat is 24 hours after your first antibiotic dose so that meant the older girls were home from school for 2 days! Sick days are always tricky because you want the kids to rest, but it's also nice when they can do something crafty.

Our super quick copy-paper Mustache on a Stick is a great activity for kids and you can obviously elaborate with hair bows or bow ties, etc. All you need and the steps and tips to make a great "stache" can be found over on PBS parents today! Check it out when you have a sec!

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1 comment:

Susan Anderson said...

We ALL need a mustache on a stick...