Jun 20, 2013

the diy child | storytelling napkins for supper

My storytelling napkins (remember these? I made them last November?) have gotten quite a lot of movement on Pinterest lately. It makes me so happy to see ideas being passed around! I also love the concept of reviving the art of storytelling. Do you know any great storytellers? I'm from South Carolina originally, and we call good storytellers, Raconteurs. As a child I remember listening to some of my parents' friends (who are probably in their 70's now) tell long, colorful and hilarious stories. I remember being fascinated with the energy that surrounded the great story and the laughter that filled the room.

I'd like the art of storytelling to continue with our next generation, wouldn't you? What are some ways we could encourage this? I think it starts around the dinner table... Follow my blog with Bloglovin
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Susan Anderson said...

There is the coolest West Virginian storyteller who has a blog that I visit often. This is her blog's url:

Isn't it funny? She is granny sue, too!


Caroline said...

Sue, I just checked out her blog! How great! And she must be awesome if she is a granny sue too! :) Hope you and the family are well! sending hugs your way! :)