Jul 15, 2013

DIY| paper roll cuff bracelets

My oldest daughter and I made paper roll cuff bracelets today. Her BFF is coming over to play on Friday and so we plotted these paper roll friendship bracelets. She'll keep one and give one--the perfect BFF gift. What I thought worked best about this project (besides that it only requires super basic supplies) was the fact that it's an easy and versatile craft. We used gold paint but you can think neon or even paint designs on yours. String patterns can vary too. Want to make some? Here's how:

You'll need:
a paper roll (paper towel roll or TP roll)
embroidery thread
paint (we used gold spray paint but you can use acrylic or poster paint

Step 1
Cut your paper roll down the center (vertically) then cut the roll into approximately 3 inch strips. These are your "cuffs"

Step 2
Tie an end of your embroidery thread around the roll and then begin twining it around the cuff, forming a string art type pattern. Tie off at the end once you finish.

Step 3
Lay your cuff bracelets covered in string pattern on a protected surface and paint them. Voila! That easy. You are done.

Keep one. Give one to a friend. What could be better?
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Unknown said...

Awesome Caroline! Haha I have a million paper rolls stored up and never use them, I need to get them out!

Caroline said...

Toni, I'm always saving them thinking they'll be great for this and that so it's always gratifying to finally use them! :)

Susan Anderson said...

Those are cool and remind me of Cleopatra!


Jen C said...

These are great! They turned out super chic.

Caroline said...

Thanks Sue and Jen!