Jul 26, 2013

DIY | Rock and Roll Clothespins

Do you have any big plans for the weekend? How about rocking out with some DIY Rock and Roll Clothespins. You'll need just a few supplies to get started but you can make as many characters for your "band" as you can imagine. Weekends are the perfect time to get crafty with your kids. Set up an area filled with these supplies and let your little ones rock out this project:

Materials Needed:
wooden clothespins
scrap card stock paper (we had some glittery card stock that worked perfectly)
a glue stick
a permanent marker
google eyes
feathers and tissue or crepe paper (for the hair)
yarn (optional. we made a killer 'stache for one of our dudes)

Step 1
Glue google eyes to the side of the clothespin that pinches closed.

Step 2
Cut out some hair from tissue or crepe paper or clip a feather in the part that pinches for hair!

Step 3
Draw some accessories like keyboards or electric guitars or even sunglasses. Cut them out.

Step 4
Glue on your accessories and you are ready to rock!

Set up a stage for your rock and roll band and turn on some music! Rock out with your craft and have a great weekend everyone!
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Stephanie said...

These are hilarious! Love ;)

Mary Catherine said...

Oh my word! I looooove these! :)

Caroline said...

Haha!! Glad you like them ladies--they are definitely a blast for kids!

Very Shannon said...

OMG! LOOOOOVE these! How cute are they! On the to make list!

Have a great weekend hun!

Caroline said...

Thanks Shannon! :) Hope you had a great weekend too! XO!!