Jul 29, 2013

DIY | Travel The World Activity Kit

If you're feeling a little bummed about not having world-traveler vacation plans this summer, rest easy because today's craft project will have your crew traveling the world, without having to leave your living room. To make this very D.I.Y. activity kit, you'll need just a few simple supplies to get started:

a small dry erase board (or alternatively, you could use dry erase paint)
a cereal box
toy people (we made our own)
dry erase markers
hot glue gun and sticks

Step 1
Open out your cereal box and cut a square opening in one side.

Step 2
Disassemble a dry erase board by popping off the flimsy plastic edges or just set your board inside the box. If you disassemble your board, there will be the dry erase thin metal plate, and a piece of cardboard. Take the "plate" off and glue it to the inside of your cereal box.

Step 3
Glue the box shut with the opening opposite of the erase board.

Your finished! Now you're ready to doodle your destinations and let your imagination take you on an adventure. Afterwards, pack your markers and toys inside the box and store for another excursion!
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Laura said...

This is such a cute idea! My kids would have so much fun with this. Just need to source a small dry erase board and I'm making one.

Very Shannon said...

OMG! This rocks! Love it!

Stephanie said...

This is so much fun! You could do so many things with this idea!

Caroline said...

Laura, Yay! I bought one from Big Lots for under 3 USD. :)

Thanks Shannon! XO!

Stephanie, thank you--I agree! Endless possibilities!

Susan Anderson said...

Loving this concept!