Jul 7, 2013

family craft | painterly style crowns

This weekend we got all painterly with some painterly style crowns. Max's crown from 'Where The Wild Things Are'  (by Maurice Sendak ) inspired the shape of ours. I've always loved Max's crown!

To make our painterly crowns we simply cut tall, crown-shaped points out of plain white poster paper then used water color paints to create whatever design we felt in our hearts. Just like that! So straight forward you don't even needs steps to show you the way.

So to recap: cut out the crown, paint, let dry then staple together and voila! You have a crown.

Now go on, you little wild things and rule your artsy kingdoms! 
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Unknown said...

These are so cute! the kids must have had a lot of fun :-)

Caroline said...

Justina, thanks so much--yes they had a blast with this one! Anything that involves crown making and painting is always a winner.

Susan Anderson said...

These are some of my favorite crowns. So appealing!


Caroline said...

Thank you so much Sue. It means a lot to me that you like them. :)