Aug 21, 2013

make a parking garage for toy cars | Cardboard Parking Garage PBS Crafts for Kids video

 Chances are probably good that somewhere in your house, there is a tiny toy car. Chances are also good that you have a cardboard box in your home and some paper rolls too!  Our short video  this week shows the kids how they can construct a parking garage with your help and a few very basic materials. All the fun is right here on PBS Parents today! Sound fun? Come join us! 
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Unknown said...

Genius! :)

Unknown said...
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Susan Anderson said...

I agree with Hodge Podge!


Caroline said...

Sue and Hodge Podge--thanks so much ladies. The kids played with the garage for WEEKS and would probably have played with it longer but someone left it outside and it got wet! So--moral of the story: waterproof it is NOT, but it is definitely TONS of fun!