Aug 20, 2013

Playful Learning Ecademy World Tour!

Hello from Baltimore, USA, the latest stop on the Playful Learning Ecademy tour! This world tour visits bloggers from all around the world to talk about how we play in our part of the world.

How We Play : Crafting + Playing

Here in Baltimore, we love playing outdoors but we also love incorporating play with our crafting. For example, we recently made some tassel flags and ran through the yard waving our latest crafty creation. We also had fun making this rocket which went on many imaginary galaxy adventures!

Playful Learning Ecademy products are awesome:

Playful Learning Ecademy recently allowed us to review a copy of their digital product, The Power of Put-ups: teaching Kids Kindness.  I watched as my kids watched the video then worked on some of the lessons afterwards and I was moved by the lessons taught. So were my kids. 

I'd highly recommend The Power of Put-ups for any parent, grandparent or teacher as a tool to help teach children the power of encouraging people versus putting them down. 

To find out more about the playful learning tour, hop over to this spot and see all of the stops along the way. 

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for being a part of the #PlayfulTour! Your rockets are wondeful...

Susan Anderson said...

This kind of material is refreshing to see!