Sep 23, 2013

sweet spots in life, salsa dancing and team shorts

I took my daughters to swimming class recently and afterwards in the locker room, I met another mother who had children with her too. Her hair was braided in the front and swept very naturally in a side pony-tail. I told her how much I liked her hair and she smiled and said "Here! I'll do yours too if you want me too?" So of course I said yes. We stood there in front of the mirror in the busy locker room, two strangers, just connecting over something very simple. It's wasn't awkward or weird, it was just very natural. A very sweet, very human moment in this busy life we all live.

Another highlight of my week was when the children decided to wear mustaches to school. With the exception of my littlest girl who insisted on wearing a crown. This picture cracks me UP! Mostly because my son refused to wear pants (even though it was in the 40's) and everyone is posing for the picture--looking SO serious!

Later that day, when I picked the kids up from school my oldest daughter was still wearing her mustache. The Vice Principal made eye contact with me in the pick-up line and we both laughed. I rolled down my window and said, "What kind of a school sends students home with facial hair?" We both laughed and I'm sure she thinks I am insane. It's okay, I probably am!

Our weekend was good too--just a lazy one. On Saturday night we ate dinner, danced a little salsa and basically just enjoyed being together. How was your weekend? Did you do anything special or did you have a chance to relax?

I'm trying to get better about sharing some highlights with your from our life! I won't post everyday about our personal shenanigans but I'm going to try to check-in with you at least every week or two.

I'll be back on Wednesday with my weekly video and I think tomorrow my craft will be up on Make and Takes so I'll be sure to let you know about that too!

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Jen C said...

What lovely moments. And may I say, I love your hair.

And your kids are so great! Such great confidence and senses of humor.

Rebecca said...

Love it that your school is sending your kids home with facial hair!

Also, we received some amazing news on Friday! The tibia in Joey's leg is finally healed. The fibula is still broken but the tibia is healed!! Don't confuse healed with cured. He still and will always have pseudaorthrosis but the bone has finally healed after roughly 6 years!

Caroline said...

Thanks so much Jen C!

Rebecca, that is AMAZING news!! Thank you so much for stopping by to tell me!!