Oct 2, 2013

New PBS Crafts for Kids Video | Wild Kratts Bat Costume

Do your kids watch The Wild Kratts? Mine love the Kratt brothers and all of their adventures! This week for our PBS Parents Crafts for Kids video, we made a completely NO-Sew Wild Kratts Bat Costume! You can watch our video here

We had a great time both making and wearing this costume! I can sew, but I'm not the best sewer in the world so in developing with some wings that were no-sew, I thought a lot about what would be the easiest method for making these (we are all busy parents!) and also what would be the most comfortable. It dawned on me--cutting slits in the felt fabric to form bands that my daughter could slip her arms through would be the best method! We created the bat wing design by folding the wings in half and the "vest" is simply a t-shirt with the sleeves and waist removed. 

I hope your little Wild Kratts love this one! Creature Power GO! 

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Susan Anderson said...

You are so clever. I think I might have even been able to manage this one...