Dec 16, 2013

PBS Digital Studios and Magnet Media Series Launch Party NYC

     Me with Jennifer Cooper of Classic Play
 Magnet Media 
 Chalk art that Magnet Media rendered for PBS

Last week I took a very short trip to New York for a PBS Digital series launch-party hosted with Magnet Media Studios. At the party I had not only a chance to premiere a couple of new (and fabulous!) series that will launch soon on PBS Digital but I also had a chance to meet many people on the PBS Parents and Digital teams that I hadn't had an opportunity to meet. And, of course, I met some really great folks from Magnet Media too. At the event we were also treated to a really fun performance by the lovely PBS Digital Studio's talent, Songs for Beautiful Creatures! Such a fun and inspiring night to meet so many creative and enthusiastic people eager to continue to propel video content online--the next big frontier.

Above, I'm sharing a few instagram shots I took from my trip. I grew up in SC but my grandfather (who was Italian) grew up in Manhattan in the heart of Little Italy. So, there is a part of me, whenever I travel to NY, that feels right at home as I think of the stories he would tell about the magic of this great city. The last shot I took from the window of my hotel in Midtwon (Chelsea) which was within walking distance from one of my favorite NYC pizza places called Patsy's. Have you heard of it? If you ever make a trip to New York, I highly recommend it. My trip was so short, I didn't have a chance to stop by, but was still happy to see it and wanted to tell you about it.

The event was a success and I look forward to others. I was also truly impressed with Magnet Media--a really fantastic company with their finger on the pulse of what works in social media and video production.

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Unknown said...

THANKS for sharing a few photos at the PBS Digital Series party with Magnet Media Studios in New York City. You certainly enjoyed the launch-party meeting people and conversing. I liked your comments about your grandfather's Italian heritage and home in Little Italy. GOOD LUCK to you! Sarah Helene, Minneapolis