Jan 22, 2014

HEARTwork Valentine's Day Cards

Making your own cards for Valentine's Day is not only a smart move for your pocketbooks but it can be a fun art project as well. How about this idea? Your child can gift each person in their class with a piece of their original artwork. Have them simply paint on poster paper in an abstract way then once it dries cut out heart shapes which can be glued to cards. Write a special message and then deliver your original HEARTwork to all of your friends!
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Susan Anderson said...



erin elizabeth said...

What a wonderful idea. I shared your idea and a link to it on my blog as a great last minute DIY valentine, Thank you so much for sharing!

Unknown said...

FAB ideas . . . your finished VALENTINE cards are perfect! I plan to use your ideas when I create cards for Valentine's Day 2015. Also I "bookmarked" your blog so I can view more of your creative endeavors! THANKS for sharing!Sarah Helene in Minneapolis