Jan 17, 2014

need an indoor activity this weekend? DIY Photo booth FUN!

Happy Weekend, friends! Do you have any big plans? I know if you are feeling anything like me, the winter season may have you feeling a little couped-up. Well, DIY Photo Booths are always a great indoor activity and you can even get the kids involved in making them. Do you remember this Punky Pink Photo Booth we made awhile ago? I'm revisiting it this weekend--just for you! Enjoy!

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I think it would be safe to say we are a family that not only likes a good project, but we love a good Photobooth! Part of the appeal is that we can make something with our hands (we all love a fun art project) then play around with it afterwards. Performance play is a family favorite!

Today we're inspired by pink, pink PINK! The best part about this photobooth and props? We used supplies you can find around your house. Actually, you my have to go out and grab a roll of pink duct tape (yes, we made the props out of PINK duct tape) but other than that--very accessible materials and probably things you have inside you house right.

Sounds simple enough? Here's how to get your family involved and how you can make a photobooth like this one.

The Photobooth Looks: 

How To Make the Props:

You will need some cereal or cracker box cardboard, wooden dowels, a black magic marker, pink duct tape and some scissors to make these photobooth props. Use aluminum foil to make an easy mold of your child's face to use to measure the size of your props. 

Begin by placing the aluminum foil mold on top of your cardboard and next draw your desired pink hair-do based around this form. 
Next, cover the drawing of the hair with the pink duct tape then cut out the "hair". 
Lastly, outline the hair with a black permanent marker then attach a wooden dowel to the back of the hair with duct tape.  
I traced the outline of a pair of glasses to make the glasses props. Draw the inside lens circles then have the kids cover the drawing with duct tape. Older children can draw the glasses on their own. 
Once you've covered the glasses in duct tape, cut them out. Cover the dowel for the glasses prop in the same pink duct tape then attach the dowel to the glasses with the tape. 
How To Make the Backdrop: 
Next we worked on the backdrop for our photobooth. We used printer paper from a large roll and we taped the two pieces of paper together to form a wide backdrop. You could also use the paper that teachers use to cover bulletin boards which can be found in just about any craft store. 
With a black marker, draw circles all over your paper and color the circles in. 
The kids really enjoyed this part, although I only let the older ones participate in this project since they were A. using a permanent marker and B. trying to stay inside the lines. They even names their circles before coloring them in!
After we colored all the circles in, we hung our backdrop on a wall in the house with good lighting. We  also set up a stool so the kids could have a comfy place to sit.
After we had everything set up the kids took turns having their pictures taken with all the crazy props. Here are how our pictures turned out:

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Susan Anderson said...

Those polka dots make such a fun backdrop!


Unknown said...

HOW clever, creative and a FUN ACTIVITY for kids! I especially like those BIG glasses! Supplies are not expensive either & finished props can be saved for later use or even used at a BIRTHDAY party photo shoot for several kids. Your photo shoot is CUTE. I agree that the "polka dots make such a FUN backdrop!" Sarah Helene in Minneapolis