May 6, 2014

Happy Teacher Appreciation Day! Celebrate with Teach for America! Make a Kid-Crafted Super Teacher Card!

May 6th is Teacher Appreciation Day and to help celebrate Teach for America is asking you to share your best teacher over at ! Since our love language here at Salsa Pie is through crafting, we're sharing a Kid-Crafted Super Teacher Card tutorial with you! To get started you will need just a few simple supplies. Make a card for your favorite teacher!

Materials Needed:

blank "gatefold" cards (these are the kind that have two flaps that open in the front)
red card stock paper
gold card stock paper
craft glue

Step One:

Using the red card stock paper cut out the shape of a shield. Using the glitter gold card stock paper cut out the shape of a "T" for Teacher. Glue the "T" to the shield.

Step Two:
Set the shield aside and allow it to dry. Cut out two strips of red card stock paper and begin folding them together to form a spring. To do this, you will place the ends of the two strips of paper together with the first facing horizontally and the second facing vertically, forming a 90 degree angle. Fold the paper one flap over the next until you reach the end. Glue the ends together to close the spring. 
Step Three:
Using Glitter card stock paper cut out the shape of a lightening bolt. Pro Tip: draw the shape of the bolt on the back of the paper with a maker then flip the paper and cut it out. Glue the cut-out bolt to the top of the spring.

Step Four:
Glue the top portion of the "T" shield to the top of the top flap on the front of the card. Do not glue the bottom portion, allow it to hang and overlap. On the inside of the card, glue your spring-y lightening bolt! Lastly, write a special message inside for your SUPER teacher!

Great job little crafters! Now make your teacher feel SUPER by giving them this awesome card!

Join Teach For America in honoring teachers everywhere. Submit a photo with your own thank you note honoring your favorite teacher at Whether it’s your parent, your own teacher, your kids’ teacher – or a friend, help thank all the teachers we love for doing the world’s most important job. You will receive a stamped photo in return to share.

The first 5000 people to submit a thank you note honoring your favorite teacher, will be sent a $10 DonorsChoose gift card, sponsored by State Farm®.

With each submission, Teach For America is compiling a video – the world’s biggest thank you for teachers to be shared nationwide with teachers after May 10.

Stay connected with Teach For America at, join the campaign on Facebook, on Instagram or on Twitter.

About Teach for America: Believing that all kids—no matter where they live, how much money their parents make, or what their skin color is – Teach For America believes that all children deserve access to a great education. As a national teachers corps of recent college graduates who commit two years to teach and to effect change in under-resourced urban and rural public areas, TFA hope to build our classrooms today with who will continue to fight for students tomorrow. In the 2013-14 school year, 11,000 corps members will reach more than 750,000 students while 32,000 alumni will continue to deepen their impact as educational leaders and advocates, eliminating educational inequality by developing such leaders.

This post is sponsored by Teach For America. All opinions are my own. 

My teacher shout-out is for Dr. David Bradshaw of Clemson University! Thank you Dr. Bradshaw for inspiring and encouraging so many of us!

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