May 10, 2014

TV Segment: Mother's Day Gift Ideas

On Wednesday I did a television segment for Fox 45 in Baltimore. The anchor was super sweet and she and I had a blast with the short segment which I discussed Mother's Day gift ideas. If you would like to see the segment you can watch it here!

A few things I'm discovering about television:

I'm strangely comfortable on set. I like the pace of it all and the quiet that really is the atmosphere of a television set. Since I design content, film and edit all of the PBS Parents Crafts for Kids videos, I know first-hand (on a very small scale) the magic that goes into the production of something digital. It fascinates me, really. It's such an "overlaying of things" that creates what the viewer actually sees. 

For example: the reality on set is that it's very laid back. The cameramen are moving the equipment and hooking guests up the mikes and counting down to live television, but beyond that and the chatter between the people on set, it's actually very still. But when the viewer sees the segment on television, they hear the music, they see jazzed-out graphics and the switching of cameras; they see close-ups and full views. What the viewer sees is an amped up version of the reality. 

Anyway, I look forward to some more television time--just another channel to convey a message. We have a TON of outlets for doing that these days, don't we?
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angelina la dawn said...

How exciting! I've been following your pbs videos for a while. so fantasitc :)