Jul 21, 2014

the elusive mushroom

I'm still working on my series of botanical paintings and I'm also focusing a bit on fungi too. Mushrooms fascinate me because of their ability to grow so rapidly. Some sprout and are fully formed overnight. Elusive and resourceful they find life in unexpected places. They are the perfect subject for a curious mind.

Their lack of chlorophyll distinguishes them from green plants and instead of making their own carbon food supply from the air, fungi use carbon materials already prepared by green plants. The ultimate in resourcefulness.

All plants have adaptive qualities but those that seem to thrive in the most difficult environments or have evolved in unusual ways for their own survival are pretty important for us to study. We can learn so much from their habits if we pay attention.
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Bethany K @ BeforeDuringAfter said...

I love it! I agree with you. They are amazing.:)

Susan Anderson said...

This concept is so cool. Loving it.